荷蘭海關卡住囧很大!過歐洲海關重要 3 技巧分享(3 Important Tips to Pass Customs in the Netherlands)

3 Important Tips to Pass Customs in the Netherlands

荷蘭海關卡住囧很大!過歐洲海關重要 3 技巧分享


Travel Period: March 31 – April 9, 2018

旅行時間:2018/3/31 – 2018/4/9


After a long, exhausting flight, we finally landed in Amsterdam at around 7:30 am.



I had always thought that answering questions from customs officials was a piece of cake, but not this time.



Boy, was I wrong!



The customs guy asked about the details of our itinerary, and seriously, I wasn’t sure what to tell him. lol

海關人員有問到我們行程的細節,但我還真不知道要跟他說什麼 XD


I didn’t spend much time searching exactly where to go on the Internet.



My mom did, but she didn’t know the English or Dutch version of the place, either, so I ended up only telling him that we were going to some gardens, parks, and museums. Sounds lame. lol 

我媽有查,但她也不知道那些地方的英文或荷蘭文是什麼,所以最後我就只告訴他我們要去一些花園、公園、博物館之類的。聽起來超弱 XD


I know that was not what he wanted to hear, but…



He also asked why we were going to Apeldoorn, and what interesting places we were planning to go to, probably because Apeldoorn was not a place foreign tourists would go to.




Anyway, from this experience, I learned a lesson, and here are 3 tips for you to pass customs with no sweat even if you have difficulty in understanding or speaking English:



1. Print out your travel itinerary, including dates, accommodations, and tourist attractions you want to go to in English.



This way, they will clearly know that you’re here to travel, which is usually the first thing they want to know: the purpose of your visit.



2. Print out your accommodation booking information, including the name of the place and the address. Organize it by date.



I have been asked many times which hotel I am staying in or where the hotel is located.



3. Print out your flight information in English.



It’s very likely that customs will ask you how long you are staying here, when you’re leaving the country, or where you are going next.




The above 3 simple steps cover almost everything customs needs to know and will definitely save your day!



When it’s your turn to have a little chat with the customs official, say “Hello” or “Good morning” with a shining smile while handing over your passport and all the stuff you have printed out.



If you don’t understand what he/she said, just smile, give them a confused look, and say “I don’t understand, but I’m sure you have everything you need here.” It is that easy!



I’m sure they have plenty of experience dealing with visitors who can’t speak English or can’t understand it very well.



You are definitely not the only one, so don’t worry, be happy!



Leave me a comment below if you have questions about the tips above, or if you have more tips to share! 



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